Bitcoin technical analysis based on Elliott wave evaluation

Elliott wave theory is a theory in technical analysis that is used to describe price movement in financial markets. This theory is a form of technical analysis that helps traders analyze financial cycles. This theory was created by Ralph Nelson Elliott after observing and identifying repeating fractal wave patterns. Elliott wave theory states that market movements are a sequence of population psychology cycles. these patterns are formed according to market sentiment that alternates between bullish and bearish cycles. in this video a sample of an Elliott wave technical analysis is shown.

Of course, Elliot realized that these patterns have no absolute certainty about future price movements, but only help to analyze the future market. In fact, Elliott waves can be used in conjunction with other technical analysis methods, including technical indicators, to identify specific buying and selling opportunities. Traders may have different interpretations of the Elliott wave structure in a market at a given time.


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  1. Thank you Ben.. if I am not wrong 4 yrs ago in your live stream when Bitcoin bump from 13k also ETHwas the leader do you find this interesting and could the history repeat itself..🙏

  2. I brought up a while ago that I thought Quant started to run first last summer. Wondering how this time will play out since it seems to be similar. I'm still not sure there won't be a "scare them to death" dump though. Due to your TA, able to think about both possibilities, bottom in or "seatbelts fastened we're going down."

  3. Brilliant TA even though it is tearing me apart with the whole market on a precipice . But thank you Ben and I’ve only owned a full BTC recently thanks to you 🙏🏽 👌🤲

  4. Stocks are dropping
    Especially after the CPI. we are heading towards 10k. Make no mistake about it folks. Might be way the way down to 3k. Couple of years

  5. Yes! Thank you for reminding people 'the gettin is good' right NOW. I would LOVE to buy BTC at $10k, but I'd HATE even more if this rocket landed and took off before I could buy anything 😅

  6. I say ETH short squeeze was a bull trap. Can't imagine a rally with an 1% interest hike looming later this month. DXY keeps climbing Inverted yield curves & recession looming. Then there is the Gox liquidation. Look what Luna did to BTC when it liquidated 80K BTC. What do you think will happen when GOX liquidates 140,000 BTC?. I see more downside!!

  7. since the PI Cycle bottom flashed and i can attest, it may go up at the end of the flag. remember we've had 3 consecutive higher lows, that's from June 18th, June 30th and July 13th and it was only at this level that the pi cycle bottom flashed.

  8. I have bought at ~20k with 30% of my capital. If we now go up I can still sell that at a good price before we clrrect back down and then enter fully. Until then I will keep my capital because we could go down all the way to 10k (not saying it will but it could in theory) and I want to have capital if that happens.

  9. Matic reached almost 0,80 cents… do you still expect now a wave down or are other signs showing of for another leg up without a retracement to the 64c region?

  10. People seem to wait for a bottom and are upset when they miss it but chances are if you did manage to buy at the bottom the same people wouldn't sell when it's at the top.

  11. what about the recession in USA?? wont it make all this drop? they will 100% be in a bad situation for the next couple of years… what do you think will happen to btc if that is the case??

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