Bitcoin Worth Information As we speak – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction!

Bitcoin Worth Information As we speak – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction! On this video I discuss in regards to the Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency value and perform a technical evaluation. I additionally speak about my Bitcoin Elliott Wave rely and talk about the place the value might be going subsequent.

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Monetary Disclaimer:
I’m not a monetary advisor. The concepts offered on this video are private opinions and for leisure functions solely. You (and solely you) are answerable for the monetary choices that you just make. Concepts offered on this video are my opinions on the date of filming and should have modified sooner or later.


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  1. Sorry for asking bro I appreciate you but solana is just everywhere and you really clear up what’s happening so thank you

  2. Here´s to hoping that support line holds strong! Thank you Ben, I bought more VRA, LCR, ACH this morning, let´s see how smart that was….

  3. Im very fascinated by your predictions on btc. What do you think it will do after it goes down to 20k will it go back up ? I feel like 20k would break the crypto community

  4. An artificial, fake, last stand rally by the bulls to soften the price ramge, before the -20% upcoming major dump down to 38k by the end of this week.

    After that, we'll retrace back up to 58k….

  5. I really think we are now on our wave c.. that wave B which suppose to go higher was already done. Now we have 44.1k support and it's using 45k as resistance again now

  6. It will happen crazy dump for btc 85%, save my message and u will see, i have the factors which decides this way

  7. If you change the wave count from the top of the larger wave B you might get different results. My interpretation is that we are in a wave 4 right now. We had a short wave 2 correction when going to the downside and it makes sense for the wave 4 to be longer. Wave 4 ended exactly below the wave 1. We will now go down the final 5 wave. If you put wave 1 as starting on 28 November (after the small ABC correction at the top) and ending in December. We have wave 3 from December to 24 January and wave 4 from January until now. If you compare in this case wave 1 with 3 you should get a Fibonacci number

  8. I have the feeling we are not going to hold the current support level, when BTC forms those rounded tops usually it breaks further to the downside

  9. Thank you for great content

    I think wave B started to look like Rinning Horizontal Correction. If it is the C wave is coming up (your former primary scenario as well) and ABC wave generally gonna be ZigZag + Horizontal + Somethin Else pattern

  10. Why don't you count the smaller timeframe then everything in this move down would be far more clear, the structure with respect to waves is far more important than support levels and basic patterns. Its clearly a deep wave 4 after a very shallow wave 2, we (elliotticians) knew this was coming and we can retrace all the way to 42.6 and legally complete an impulse with a 5th wave, we are currently completing wave 3 of wave c of 4 in a potential bullish count, mega triangle or B wave to lower low. You don't talk about these primary alternate counts which are important or which you prefer and why.

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