Bitcoin Worth Information Right this moment – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction!

Bitcoin Worth Information Right this moment – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction! On this video I speak in regards to the Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency worth and perform a technical evaluation. I additionally speak about my Bitcoin Elliott Wave depend and talk about the place the value could possibly be going subsequent.

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Monetary Disclaimer:
I’m not a monetary advisor. The concepts offered on this video are private opinions and for leisure functions solely. You (and solely you) are chargeable for the monetary selections that you just make. Concepts offered on this video are my opinions on the date of filming and will have modified sooner or later.


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  1. Please do not listen to the impatient naysayers that watch your videos. I'm very new to crypto, and your videos have helped me out greatly. One month ago I didn't know where I was going and what I was doing. Now, with your help analyzing charts, I make informed decisions. Key words here is "I MAKE" informed decisions. People are always looking to blame other people and not take responsibility for their actions…. It's a shame because you clearly just give out information, as you see it at the time of making the video, nothing more. I suspect you have many more fans that think like me than naysayers. Keep 'em coming and I'll keep watchin' ! Thank you so much for making these.

  2. Ben, I wouldn't pay any mind to the people blaming you for losing money, they're probably the same people on Twitter who comment something like, "To the moon!" about Hamster Coin.

  3. Dude you are the best, don't listen to the blamers, they will always blame someone when they can.

  4. Love this channel !
    I’ve ordered the Elliot wave book you mentioned in previous videos ✌🏼
    Don’t react to the negative comments, this channel is one of the best

  5. Thank You! Your videos always keep me on track. I know people think you can see the future and get mad if a event happen out of no where, but I will ride on your TA any day!

  6. Dear Ben. Please don’t doubt yourself! There is no explanation necessary to people who don’t listen and then blame you for poor TA. I've seen youtubers get angry and frustrated with these types of people and their baseless comments. After following quite a few Moonboys and also good TA analysts I joined the MCO family for the first time because it is serious and professional. So please just keep going and don't change your concept, it's great!!

  7. Hi Ben,
    Remember: it doesn't matter how hard you try, you'll never be able to make everyone happy.
    You have been great, and most of us appreciate everything you do for us.

  8. You give us updates and scenarios which goes either way, anyone who makes a mistake it's on them mate. Keep up the good work, much appreciated from here 🇳🇬

  9. People blaming you for their own actions is ridiculous. You are always clear in your videos that is just probabilitis and anything can happen and you are just showing possible scenarios. Don't worry about them .

  10. If BTC doesn't do exactly what I need it to do, when I want it to, or if it moves when I'm not ready to take action, or, I don't take action before it moves…well, you're wrong in all scenarios. Glad we got that settled. (Couldn't resist. 😁)

  11. Hi Ben! I thinks that "that view" you are referring to around 6 min 15 sec in your video, is that you had said in past videos that if BTC breaks above 45.5K then you would expect it to go to the 55K to 65K range (the target box you have on your chart). It sounded as if 45.5K was the decision point in your past videos. So buying BTC once that level was broken sounded like a good idea, since an uptrend was expected. However, BTC has now broken that level and you sound ambivalent about whether it will go to that target box or if it will go to the 20K to 29K target box.

  12. Crypto is the greatest Ponzi scheme and if you don't see that after yesterday you all are kidding yourselves. They wipeout millions out of pockets of traders yesterday with the manufacturer bitcoin and ETH crash cause traders had manly long positions. The crypto market is rigged. God Bless

  13. I’ve been a channel member and following your TA since November and you have the most level headed approach that I’ve seen in the market yet. I’ve learned a lot and look forward to learning more. Thanks Ben

  14. Thank you, Ben, for your dedication to this channel.
    To me, your TA is the most unbiased I've found so far on YouTube.
    You explain the options, but whatever we do with the information is our own responsibility.
    Don't even address negative comments. They don't deserve your time. 😊

  15. Those of us that follow your channel know that you are always giving us options either up or down. The chart literally shows both options..smh…even when you take the time to explain there will always be unappreciated people. Thank you for your insight and way to stay professional and humble

  16. Extremely good advice for months and superb TA. Lows were uncannily predicted as well as the risks being explained all the time . Brutally honest and brilliant analysis

  17. In my view, to appreciate your work and what you provide, people need 2 things: Education (being polite, patient, making decision for themselves) + Instruction (Learn Elliot Wave Principle, Probability, Psychology, Finance, how to plan, strategy, etc…). Here, you are dealing with "white belts" or "babies" in this field (3 to 6 months experience), me including. It'll take time but you/we have a great community, happy to be a member.

  18. I didn’t buy below $.80 because I believed your theory was true. However, I did buy a little at $.90 and a little at $.80, because it’s a great price! It was my choice to try and get it around $.55 but I’ll just be ready for when it does go down there again 👏 thanks for the videos very helpful!

  19. Appreciate your channel, your efforts and your consistency. Pay zero attention to negativity…when you have thousands of human followers and viewers, you're always going to get a small percentage of people who suck, lol.

  20. Right, I've been dollar cost averaging at these lower levels for a variety of coins. You're videos are a good part of research. Thanks!

  21. You are not responsible for what other people do ben. You have said not to chase the lowest point over and over and over. You are so much better than other analyst and I have learned a lot about how to read these candlestick graphs from you! I hope you really really know you’re not responsible for other people there’s lots and lots of Youtubers it’s up to us to get lots of information and make decisions. It’s ridiculous that you are responsible for anyone’s decision you simply provider educational service for all of us! You have been my best teacher!

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