Bitcoin BTC Worth Information As we speak – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction!

Bitcoin BTC Worth Information As we speak – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction! On this video I discuss concerning the Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency value and perform a technical evaluation. I additionally discuss my Bitcoin Elliott Wave depend and focus on the place the worth could possibly be going subsequent.

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  1. Also this eliote wave count is getting confusing for me tho
    I can't understand it
    How and when to change the wave or something

  2. In your last BTC video, 10 hours ago, you said I still cant make the bullish scenario ad primary yet, but on this video you said that you change your primary expectation to a bullish scenario in the last few videos. Seriously!?!

  3. we are now bullish bro the STOCH RSI on the weekly time frame is moving up, so until it's oversold before we would go back down again. For me I fell like this is just a pullback back into the range for a sell off later I'm using the 3D timeframe to look at this, so price can either go to 32916.45 or 40523.90 and we would see a massive sell off again but it's until the STOCH RSI on the weekly get's oversold before I would say there would be another sell off tho, for now I'm just trading with what I see on the chart. Nice video as always.

  4. Another point of view, that complement this here, resistance 1364 MA on 1h. Eth was rejected by it in 16, stayed under it and broken it on the upside in 18. So, BTC is squeezed between this MA and trendline. All the other important MAs are lower, in order and begin to climb (205xx-209xx). An yes, BTC stayed under Weekly Envelope 123/21 an now is in again. Previously only one time stayed under but recovered quickly. Mid band is at 26xxx and will be rejected there like before going down at lower end of the band (21xxx) and then up again. If 123/34 setting is applied then BTC never broken it on the downside, this bear run touched with the wick the lower band in June 18.

  5. i still don´t understand how you count this waves. the third wave u pointet out in the uptrend chanel reched only fib extensions 1.0. so i undertand that his is only a subwave and the third is finish yet. the fpirth also and we are curently in the fith wave, yeah but i sill keep on learning. thx 4 updating

  6. Hi Ben. I think you should mix the rsi, macd, stoch rsi etc to match with the waves. Doesn't it give a more accurate picture of the current situation?

  7. I still believe in you, that it could be a fakeout all the way till 24.040k. Im so thankfull for the videos!!! Danke

  8. Could you Please tell me what’s the name of the indicator that is below volume and above RSI in Ben’s screen?

  9. Thanks! How high will it going before the next crash ore great break down? 50.000 ? What do you think?

  10. Idk why im bearish. Maybe we got just some bull signs bc of matic and sola merge. (Im very newbie who started few weeks with trade and my thanks to this guy he inspired me so dont look what i write lol)

  11. Thanks for your short update. I love those ❤ As always
    Here my thought (NFA): Retracement to 22.7 (0.5 Fib + 200 Weekly EMA). If it holds, we´re good 😉
    Keep going!
    greetz aus Deutschland

  12. Any ideas on QNT? I believe it is now going to follow BTC to the upside then a deeper retracement. But I'm still a bit surprised it never went down further then 95. little lost in the waves here.
    Thanx for this BTC update this helps a lot. knowing what option there are to play out 😁I'm still bullish on this one. Grüsse

  13. So do you think the bearish scenario’s are now unlikely or in your opinion is this more of a correction we saw a few months ago?

  14. The "less likely" scenario is a scenario that BTC follows often during bear markets. It starts to climb and then reaches a lower low. It has done that in every bear market till now. So, based on history, BTC could climb to 25k or even more and then return to 17k or even lower. And another thing, if it doesn't drop it will be the shortest bear market of BTC! I trust your TA but I'm really buffled right now. It will either climb or drop! Haha.

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