Bitcoin BTC Worth Information As we speak – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction!

Bitcoin BTC Worth Information As we speak – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction! On this video I speak concerning the Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency worth and perform a technical evaluation. I additionally speak about my Bitcoin Elliott Wave rely and focus on the place the value could possibly be going subsequent.

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I’m not a monetary advisor. The concepts offered on this video are private opinions and for leisure functions solely. You (and solely you) are answerable for the monetary choices that you simply make. Concepts offered on this video are my opinions on the date of filming and will have modified sooner or later.


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  1. Dropped under 199 weekly MA, today or tomorrow we should see a rally back over, currently above 233 MA. IF not, then finger crossed at your lower levels. Apparently DXY finally is getting tired at least on short term. At S&P I hope B is where you say and not now!!

  2. Ben why don't you consider the bearish scenario I sent you a few days ago via email? The abc correction in which the c wave was in a diagonal (rising wedge). You even replied to the email saying that it is a possible option

  3. This is a huge bear flag…doesn't take a genius to realize that. I can tell you we are going below 17k and making a new low. Hopefully it stops at 10k but there is a case for 7k and maybe 5k…

  4. I totally agree with you about being happy if the price drops. it gives everyone a fair chance to hop back on the train if they missed out all these months. I don't care about short-term volatility anymore. in my opinion, the more I accumulate the more rich ill get long-term. every time it dumps is a flash sale to buy more. thanks, ben for all your efforts in educating us every single day.

  5. Very well done Ben! Especially the last part about how lucky we would be if the price dropped to a new low. Bear markets are needed for to take advantage of in prep for the Bull market!

  6. As an amateur myself, I can not find an equally strong green candle as this recent red one. This drop looks truly impulsive, as opposed to the green that came before. Maybe I’m not looking right

  7. We are not going to hold 20,700. no chance. its a high bearish flag and there is no a real reason to look at it in a different way after it already try to break above it at least 7 times and failed. mark my word. it will fall fast and hard under this lvl very soon.

  8. Thank you so much Ben.. I can't believe some of the other comments on your video, almost pointing the blame at you for crypto dropping. I really appreciate your work and so do many others!

  9. what started (yesterday) as a deserved vacation could now become an even more expensive one (time will tell lol). Thanks brother for the heads up! 🍹✌️

  10. Do not let little children who do not understand anything disturb you friend. Your work is excellent.

    Many do not understand that every investment in any field has its risks…. and they only believe their money will multiply magically….

    Keep up the good work… I swear I pay more attention to your videos than to my professors at the university haahha.

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