Bitcoin BTC Worth Information Right now – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction!

Bitcoin BTC Worth Information Right now – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction! On this video I discuss in regards to the Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency value and perform a technical evaluation. I additionally speak about my Bitcoin Elliott Wave depend and talk about the place the worth may very well be going subsequent.

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I’m not a monetary advisor. The concepts introduced on this video are private opinions and for leisure functions solely. You (and solely you) are accountable for the monetary choices that you simply make. Concepts introduced on this video are my opinions on the date of filming and will have modified sooner or later.


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  1. Hi Ben! Thanks for your appreciate your effort! 🙏🏻

    You show a possiblity when we will riched the pricelevel about 21300 $.
    What is the Situation with ETH? Does it the same possiblity? It means the pricelevel about 1130 and ETH riched it already.

  2. Funny people who don't believe bitcoin can come down below 20k now don't believe bitcoin can go up

  3. Hey Ben
    Looks like monthly Mac d is still to high
    Calling for lower prices
    What are you thinking ?
    Thanks for great ta.

  4. Could you do one video where you show every coin you find the best to make maximum profit out of the next bullrun 🙂

  5. Ask yourself, why should bitcoin go up? If you think because it's low in price think again. Watch the macro for pricing not TA.

  6. 1. Buy now and watch Bitcoin nuke to 13,000$ instantly.
    2. Wait to buy and watch Bitcoin sky rocket straight to 69,000$.
    . Choose wisely


  7. Very nice video, I just want to ask one thing. Do you believe its possible that due to high inflation and interest rates rising, that BTC will be impacted and crash further? As the the stock market is doing.

  8. Ben being even slightly bullish gets me hyped… Going to keep my cool though. I promise. Maybe. Fuck it.

  9. if we look carefully at the daily chart from 68k to now , we can just count 2 impulse waves and to the downside and one correction wave. however, there is another correction and impulse waves that are missing and need to take place to complete the 5 waves.

    why not considering the drop between 47k to 17k to be a wave 3 of the overall correction and that now we are going to see a wave 4 retracement between 22k(0.146) and 29k(0.382) similar to what we saw from Jan to Mar and then a wave 5 all the way down to 10k-12k

    because we currently should see a stronger support around 20k level since there will be more buyers now, which would make this support level ideal for a wave 4 of the overall correction. the 30k support level was just a wave 4 of the wave 3.

  10. The last wave 5 before this uptrend seems to be too small….Could the yellow wave IV actually ended as ABC, and from the orange C to end of yellow wave V that you have drawn is actually the wave 1 of final wave V of correction , it will mean we are in wave 2 of the last wave V…ie we are still going down?

  11. I've been watching your videos without subscribing. My bad on that. LOL I'm just wondering if you could a TA on Sandbox? Curious on your thoughts. Thanks!

  12. I think the analysis you’re doing is great and has shown to be quite accurate. I am curious though.. even though the low could be in, how much do you take into consideration what’s going on in terms of the economy, including recession, interest rates and inflation? If we’re in a recession, how can btc bounce into an impulsive wave 3 upward? It seems more realistic if the market bounced between 20-40k for a while until the economy improves and inflation/interest rates go down.

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  14. hey Ben, i am a bit new to crypto and to your channel. i heard you often mentioned 5 waves up/down, complete the last wave etc. i just wonder why is it important to see all 5 waves completed? is it based on some mathematical reason, or based on past patterns?

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