Bitcoin BTC Worth Information Right this moment – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction!

Bitcoin BTC Worth Information Right this moment – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction! On this video I discuss in regards to the Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency value and perform a technical evaluation. I additionally speak about my Bitcoin Elliott Wave rely and focus on the place the worth could possibly be going subsequent.

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I’m not a monetary advisor. The concepts introduced on this video are private opinions and for leisure functions solely. You (and solely you) are liable for the monetary choices that you just make. Concepts introduced on this video are my opinions on the date of filming and will have modified sooner or later.


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  1. In your last update, (correct me if I'm wrong) you said even if corrective wave you expect higher price. I wasn't clear on this? Thanks for great content anyways. ATB

  2. Thanks for another great and honest analysis. Personally, I expect a significant price decrease to 14-15k range. I see no real bullish signals at the moment.

  3. We are at the doors of a global recession. Inflation is skyrocketing, and the stock market is plumbing. And we are talking about new all-time highs? Let's get realistic, please.

  4. thank you so much for everything you do and these daily updates, F all the haters. You have literally been a time traveler. Much love from Arizona

  5. Thank you so much. In log, you can draw a trendline from low of Jan 24, 2022 to low of 12 May 2022 – then extend it out to todays price action. You can see it's a really important resistance zone for BTC and would add some further evidence on price direction if the resistance zone were breached; or indeed if the price action was to collapse here and invalidate the bullish count.

  6. < I love your channel . It's perfect for the aspiring/learning trader, like myself. I love seeing your daily commentary on the charts and how you walk us through them as you analyze. Keep it up and we'll keep watching. Cheers. I think, in every single Cycle in Bitcoin or Halving Event, Bitcoin get more and more People into it, who will stay and keep their Bitcoins or other crypto assests in their wallets. Of course there are now also People who lost a lot, because they get into it by $69K Bitcoin Price and don't know the technology or what Bitcoin is and how the crypto world operates! So we need more important videos and explanations: It is an absolute revolutionary technology which has an inner value of infinity measured in FIAT money. Because FIAT money will die from today in 10-15 years and digital currencies will become the new world.! Best regards and stay cool. In times like this where the Market seems unfavorable, Newbies who feel like they do not stand a chance at cryptocurrency or feel they are too late to Learn and Earn from cryptocurrency. I want you to know that this space is ready to welcome whoever, whenever on this journey of financial freedom and i also want you to know that Crypto in general rewards active participation. Investors should be positioned for such a rebound, I gained $270k from crypto of 2021. Before the market crash and i have been buying and trading again since the beginning of the year . I am Going to sit back, trade my crypto assets and observe how things play out, adding more at a time. Having a good mentor or financial advisor will add to your success in the crypto market. In my honest opinion right now I feel it's safe to invest in CRYPTO investment and rides it out, asides that I put $140k into BTC back using an advisor; Mr. Max Robinson… I've gotten 120% returns so far this year from trading bitcoin with his tips, guidance and accurate trade strategy, and hopefully I'Il reach million sooner…fingers crossed. We all need to be trading our crypto assets now to avoid loosing everything, hodling is no longer the ultimate in the crypto market but trading is. The good thing of this strategy is that whatever happens we have an opportunity to make some money trading with it not minding the sideways in the crypto market. We all should learn from our previous mistakes to stop just hodling and start trading. He is best guide to trade. You can stretch out to Mr. Max Robinson on Ν²eIΡ”-Ι ΙΎΞ±m @investwithmax for more updates and also earn with his accurate signal …

  7. If the wave 1 from march 2020 was 13 months long and the wave 2 from april`21 to june`22 was 14 months so I assume theoretically we can expect prices around 110k+ by the end of 3rd wave maybe by the fall of 2023 and around 170k+ by the end of 5th wave +/- by the end of 2025

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