Bitcoin BTC Worth Information Right now – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction!

Bitcoin BTC Worth Information Right now – Technical Evaluation and Elliott Wave Evaluation and Worth Prediction! On this video I speak in regards to the Bitcoin BTC Cryptocurrency value and perform a technical evaluation. I additionally discuss my Bitcoin Elliott Wave rely and focus on the place the worth may very well be going subsequent.

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  1. Thanks for the video In my opinion its hard for BTC to drop under 25k again as you said a "lower-low" there is no evidence that BTC should do it again. First ask your self why did BTC break so hard from 30k to 25k ppl started to panic about inflation&luna crash thats why it fell till 25k . In my opinion if LUNA 2.0 crashed again or failed then yea I expect that BTC maybe will fall under 20k even and ppl will lose trust on cryptocurrency market. But overall everything shows that BTC is ready for a new rally. "NO body knows what exact will happen everything is expected"

  2. Agreed with everything you are saying and have paid a price just casually talking about where BTC is and could be going… The debate is a hot one especially for those who have taken huge losses over the last several months, which is honestly quite easy to do.

    Some folks have no clue what is happening or why which makes me wonder who gave them the wrong impression and set them up with expectations that are so wrong-headed. What I mean is they got suckered into expecting some other reality from other sources.

    I naturally refer them to your channel and ask them to sign up. At least one person has done exactly that and I believe he is now acting within his circle of friends like an evangelist for you. This makes me happy to know I could turn one person to a reliable honest source of information.

    I cannot confirm any others who have done likewise but time will tell. Clearly many other sources are all over the place from doom-n-gloom to the bottom is in and its up, up and away to new ATH really soon… 😆 don't we all wish.

    Again thank you for all that do to help so many to get a grasp of what is happening… patience is a virtue much needed plus no emotions. So hard to do but with knowledge comes good things.

    Hope everyone gets to realize their hopes n dreams…

  3. The idea was to start investing, but i still didnt show a snippet of index funds because of this recent news. so the question is, at what point is it worth starting to invest and how do you know that the drop is coming to an end? Are they exactly these inflation readings … PS. Nice to watch these sun videos, very clear and instructive .

  4. Ben, take a break little… step back, relax…. You doing really good job, but chart won't go anywhere in that short time.

  5. I think that if we go below the previous bull market low, all hell will break loose :)… In for a penny, in for a pound :/

  6. The one of a kind man, who technically and practically proved Elliott Waves theory worked!!! U are the best Ben.

  7. What if this is not one more low coming, but continuously testing a lower low, say below 20k, 18k, 16k…or even 14k that some people predict! How likely do you think this will happen? Thanks

  8. thanks ben!
    im curious… is it possible to analyse XLM once ? maybe you can explain based on stellar how some altcoins might behave when there is a bearmarket for months.. i feel like its a good example of an altcoin not going to new ATHs – or is the upper-scale wavecount not done yet ? you can take any other coin with a similiar structure if you want, i wouldnt minid. just interested in the chart itself and how you would analyse it.

  9. Hey Ben, thanks again a lot for your update!
    I´d love to watch the video where you first mentioned the C-Wave downtrend to 30-20k but i cant find. Did u predict 30-20k by using Fib levels or trend based fib? where did u start those fibs? Thank you. Would also be glad if you could mention it in the next update
    BTW: Love to support MCO =)
    Much ❤

  10. It’s so good to get proper TA. When some keep saying a brake out too the up side is immanent….. 🤦🏼‍♂️ the charts don’t lie.It’s very refreshing to get proper TA. Top work as always mate 👏🏼

  11. Thanks Ben for the update 🙏. Do you think it is possible that BTC rally’s up (fa. to the sma 200 ans comes down to previous levels ) but leave’s alt’s behind?

  12. Thanks for keeping us updated. What level of membership gives access to your crypto portfolio buys/sells etc? Is this bronze, silver, gold… Thanks.

  13. You nailed it with the 200-week-MA, which is at ~22K right now. Maybe a precipitous drop creating unprecedented negativity, a nasty lower wick below 22K and a close above 22K

  14. My all ETH sealed 1750$ level. Just market move up. I hoped down trend. 🥺🥺 now ETH market move up or down. Mean 1750 below levels. please help me for Recovery my loss. 🙏 thank you

  15. 10:00 What if we haven't seen Wave 4 yet? Which is why a push above 30k is still possible. With a hard rejection that triggers wave 5 sub 26.7k

  16. Yes updates 😍, everyday i always waiting for your updates, your the incredible man 👌👌👌 thanks again

  17. I would argue it can certainly go under 20k (maybe even close to 14k) as the current downtrend could be argue to be doing down in 3 larger waves

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